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Last updated Jul 11, 2023
Claim Your Listing - Injury Lawyer Index


The Injury Lawyer Index understands the importance of providing correct listings that allow clients to find you and your law firm easily. We ask that the attorney in question claims the listing before updating the current listing details to ensure accuracy.

Are you looking to get the maximum from Injury Lawyer Index? Then, take these steps to find and claim your listing.


Sign In or Create an Injury Lawyer Index Account


First, you will need to either create an Injury Lawyer Index account or sign in to your already established account. The “Sign In” button is at the top right of the homepage. 



If you have an account, simply enter your login credentials and click “sign in.” If you need to create one, click on “register.” Then, input your first name, last name, email, and selected password. Finally, click on the red “Register” button.



Locate Your Basic Listing


Injury Lawyer Index contains listings for thousands of lawyers nationwide. Do you know if you already have a basic listing within the index? Find out by typing your first and last name into the search bar on the homepage. Then select “Search.”



If your Injury Lawyer Index listing isn't available, you can follow this tutorial to create your listing.


Select Your Basic Listing from the Results


Your name will populate in the Injury Lawyer Index's search results based on the relevance to the search terms. Once displayed, choose your name to see the current listing details.



View and Claim Your Listing


This page enables you to review your full listing details as found in the Injury Lawyer Index. To continue, click on “Claim Listing.”



Choose Your Legal Marketing Plan


Injury Lawyer Index offered a variety of legal marketing plans. Select the marketing plan that's right for you. 



Payment for Your Legal Marketing Plan


Stripe is used to complete payments in the Injury Lawyer Index. Here you can verify the selected marketing plan along with the amount due. To continue, select “Pay With Card.”



Enter your email address and credit card data, then click “Pay.” 



Index Administrator Approval


Once payment has been received, the Injury Lawyer Index administrator receives your claim request. After a quick verification process between you and the administrator, your claim request will be completed.

From here, you can modify and customize your Injury Lawyer Index listing.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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