What are the Different Types of Injury Lawyers? A Comprehensive Guide

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Last updated Jul 18, 2023
Different Types of Injury Lawyers - Injury Lawyer Index

Injury Law (also known as “personal injury,” “accident,” or more formally “tort” law) focuses on getting compensation for a person that is injured due to the conduct of a third party.

Like all professions, the legal profession is divided into separate areas of practice, primarily civil cases (estate law, corporate law, injury law, etc.) and criminal matters. These major categories are then subdivided into further specializations. Since this is the Injury Lawyer Index, we are focusing on the different types of Injury Lawyers.

Remember, this is a high-level overview of SOME of the more common injury law cases. You need to consult a licensed attorney in your area for the specifics of your case.


Slip and Fall - Injury Lawyer Index


Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall cases are common injury law cases. The name “slip and fall” is self-explanatory. A person is injured by slipping and falling inside a business or on a piece of someone else's property. The negligence of the company or property owner causes the accident. For example, a property owner doesn't maintain the stair handrails; the stair handrails break while using them, resulting in a fall and injury.


Traffic Accidents

Millions of people are injured in car accidents each year. Most will file injury lawsuits for compensation, creating the most injury lawsuits in America each year. Typically accidents are caused by not following traffic laws, careless/reckless driving (speeding), or distracted driving (texting).

This area of law also includes all areas of traffic, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, trucks, and buses.


Medical Malpractice Injuries

A medical malpractice injury occurs when a medical professional (doctor, nurse, etc.) treats a patient in a way that falls below the medical standard for that illness. An experienced attorney can advise you what the appropriate “medical standard” is in your case and if it was medical malpractice or if it was just a bad outcome.


Dog Bite Injury - Injury Lawyer Index


Dog (or other pet) Bites/ Injuries

Typically, pet owners are responsible for injuries caused by their pets. Again, the exact laws vary from state to state, especially considering pet history, so conferring an attorney experienced in these types of injuries is essential.



This type of injury occurs when one party makes untrue statements and damages another person's reputation. These cases depend on a host of different factors, including the actual financial loss caused by the false statement, whether or not the injured person is a celebrity or public figure, and where the statement was made. Confer with an attorney regarding the specifics of your case.


Intentional Injuries

Intentional injuries are caused by persons intending to hurt another person. These hybrid cases usually include a criminal aspect (like assault or battery) in addition to the civil portion (injury claim) of the case.


Just an Overview – Seek Appropriate Legal Counsel

This article was just an overview of SOME of the different types of injury lawyers and their practice areas. Please search our database to find and consult with a licensed attorney that can help you with your case.

Good luck!


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