Is Reputation Management Important?


Have you ever reflected on the influence of your online image (or reputation) versus your law firm's performance? It's time for you to get started!


Reviews are incredibly persuasive, especially considering that 88% of all sales are completed after reading reviews. Online reviews can either set your law firm up for success or failure. Not to mention that dismissing negative reviews can send new clients directly to your competitor's door, while positive reviews can boost your client base.


Work to strengthen trust by addressing both positive and negative reviews as they arise. This trust, in turn, helps to maintain a loyal client base.


This video clip provides tips on how to respond to all kinds of reviews.



Online business listings that are accurate and trustworthy can help you build a reliable and trustworthy online reputation. Do you want to know if your online reputation is working in your favor?


The perks do not stop there.


When ranking search results, Google (search engine) considers your law firm's online reputation. The better your online reputation equals better rank, which equals better visibility for your law firm. And visibility is a crucial determinant in expanding your client base.