Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Your Clients are on Social Media


3 BILLION people use social media daily. Don't you think your law firm should be on social media too? 


You bet!


Social media is used in a mixture of ways. Some consumers use it to stay in touch with family and friends, while others use it to explore new topics and products. Moreover, social media has also become a research tool for consumers to learn about new businesses, such as your law firm.


It's best to create compelling, practical, and attractive articles on social media to build a following for your law firm. FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram are just a few of the many social media outlets available. Of course, the more social media outlets your law firm uses, the more upkeep is needed. This may seem challenging to manage, but it is possible.


Social Media Strategies for Your Law Firm


You have many options with regard to posting on social media. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Announcements (i.e., exciting news, publications for your firm)
  • Video clips (i.e., getting to know the team, how-tos).
  • Industry Sources (i.e., links to new laws or previous case studies).
  • Discussions (i.e., case predictions, take an opinion poll)
  • Case statistics
  • Satisfied Client Feedback


The legal world can be overwhelming. Use your social media to promote not only your law firm but also your personal side. You can build the trust needed for new clients and successful cases by allowing your clients to know you better.


Envision Your Social Impact


Social media's central purpose is to improve your law firm's visibility by boosting your online image. Stale content won't have a positive impact on social media. Make sure your posts are regular and engaging, so people come back frequently.


However, you still need to evaluate your "social impact" even if you have active quality social media content in place. You can use user tracking and social media analytics to measure your online performance by understanding the number of users who view each post.


You may have heard about social media influencers. With their many, many followers, these influencers shouldn't be ignored as another method of creating visibility for your law firm. A mere mention of your law firm on their social media creates instant visibility.