Benefits of Digital Marketing: A Concise Guide to Success

Written by Injury Lawyer Index
Last updated Aug 1, 2023
Benefits of Digital Marketing - Injury Lawyer Index

Do you realize how much of your day is spent online? If you are like most, it's easy to say a substantial portion of the day. So if most people are online for a substantial portion of the day, shouldn't your law firm be online too?  



The Traditional Marketing Technique


The traditional marketing technique is straightforward. A company wants to sell an item or service. The company, in turn, brainstorms a way to promote this item or service using the traditional platforms of radio, billboards, and television commercials. Once distributed locally or nationally, the company waits for a consumer to see the promotion and contact them for the item or service in question.  

A quick example of this traditional technique:

  • Consumers see your promotion while they are watching TV.
  • One consumer is seeking legal aid.
  • This consumer recognizes your promotion as an option for the needed legal aid.
  • This consumer then contacts your law firm to discuss legal services.
  • Now, this consumer is a client of your law firm.

While this technique is straightforward, it's not very effective. Waiting for the right consumer to view your promotion at the same time they actually need legal aid limits your possibilities.


The Digital Marketing Technique


The digital marketing technique is the answer by essentially removing these traditional marketing limitations. Is there a specific demographic that will benefit from your legal services? Then, target your promotions directly at these people through digital marketing.  


Really – Which Way?


Presenting, Search Marketing!

Law firms use search marketing to identify people who are interested in legal aid. They then target their promotions at these people. It sounds simple. It all depends on how you view it. It's more profitable to target someone already interested in legal aid than wait for the right consumer to come along.

A quick example of this digital technique: 

  • A consumer is seeking legal aid.
  • This consumer looks online for a law firm focusing on the area of law needed.
  • Google will display your law firm in the top search results.
  • This consumer will assess your accurate business listing.
  • Now, this consumer is a client of your law firm.

But the benefits of the digital marketing technique don't stop there. Your law firm can even acquire search ads that target your opponents' search terms. This will turn their clients into YOURS! 

Start reaching potential consumers online and secure the benefits of digital marketing for your law firm.

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