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Last updated Jul 11, 2023
Frequently Asked Questions - Injury Lawyer Index

Let the team at the Injury Lawyers Index answer your frequently asked questions to get you started.



My Unclaimed Profile Information is Wrong. How Do I Correct It?


Our focus is to provide accurate listings so our users can quickly locate you and your law practice. In order to maintain accuracy, we require that a listing be claimed by the lawyer in question before any edits can be made to the information. 

If you want to update your information, start by locating your unclaimed listing by searching the Injury Lawyer Index directory. Then, click “claim listing” under your name and address and follow the directions. 

If you aren't ready to claim your listing at this time, the Injury Lawyer Index provides lawyers an option for a one-time listing detail update.

Those not wanting to claim or update their legal listing still have one last option. Lawyers can request that their legal listing be removed from the Injury Lawyer Index. This removal can be done by submitting an opt-out request via the contact us page. The Injury Lawyer Index team will make contact to authenticate the requestor's identity. Upon authentication, your legal listing will be deleted.


Is Claiming Your Legal Profile and Switching to Premium Worth It?


According to a Google Study, businesses with completed business directory listings (ones that include hours of operation, photos, services, reviews, ratings, and other pertinent information) are viewed almost two times more dependable than businesses with incomplete directory listings.




Does it Matter that Local Information about my Business is Accurate?


Did you know that when customers are shown the incorrect details about a business, 63% lose trust in that business?  Companies forfeit over $10 billion annually due to incorrect and incomplete online information.

Think about it – incorrect contact details send your clients elsewhere. How can they hire you if they can't find your law firm?


What Should I Put in My Injury Lawyer Index Profile?


Injury Lawyer Index recommends putting as much detail as possible about your law firm into your online listings. Ensure to include things like attorney profiles, enhanced media like photos, virtual tours, and more. We created an article to help walk you through creating your legal listing.

Even better, sign up for an annual legal marketing plan and let the Injury Lawyer Index team take care of the legwork for you!


Do You Need a Contract to Activate a Listing?


Nope! There is no contract when signing up for the Injury Lawyer Index. Your legal marketing subscription can be canceled at any time.


A Featured Listing is Way More Expensive. Why? Is it Worth it?


Featured listings dramatically increase traffic to your legal profile and, hopefully (if you have optimized your profile), to your law firm. Remember, the first page of search results gets 75% of the clicks. 

Are your clients in a hurry? Are they unsure what to do on an accident scene and need legal advice instantly? If this visibility generates one new client per month, is it worth it?


With All The Different Directories Available, How Do I Know Which to Choose?


We believe you should control your law firm's image across all possible directories.

In addition to potentially reaching a new client through a different marketing channel, each professional directory gives your law firm a valuable backlink, which helps improve your SEO and search ranking results in Google. 

Smaller focused professional directories and dedicated legal-specific directories increase your digital presence, thus increasing your chances of landing that new client.


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